"DINO-DNA: A tribute to Jurassic Park" (www.dino-dna.blogspot.com) is an online art tribute to Michael Crichton's novel (www.michaelcrichton.net) & Steven Spielberg's movie masterpiece, which premiered 20 years ago on this date (June 11, 1993). The show is curated & presented by Chogrin (www.facebook.com/chogrinart), who's love for Jurassic Park was born in a movie theater back in 1993 (picture proof below).

Chogrin has picked 10 artists from around the world to interpret their take on the dinosaur movie classic! The show's promotional material was created by spanish artist, Pakoto Martinez (pakotoo.blogspot.com). Pakoto is also a huge Jurassic Park fan, check out his other favorite scenes he's illustrated from the movie below!

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